d: ARABIAN NIGHTS (1912) illustrated by René Bull

Found this book falling to pieces in a market, coolest illustrations
for any Arabian Nights books that I have seen.
René Bull (1870? - 1942)
He was born in Ireland, and while studying engineering in Paris met
the illustrator Caran d'Ache. Inspired, he returned to London to study
art to become an illustrator and "special artist"; i.e. those
commissioned by magazines as war artists or to provide general
pictorial studies of other countries (see A.B. Houghton in America).
Bull was appointed "special" for the "Black & White" magazine and
witnessed the Armenian massacres, the war in Greece, visited the North
West frontier of India and covered the Omdurman campaigns in the
Sudan. He served in the First World War in the Royal Navy Volunteer
Reserve and the RAF.